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LIME opens newly refurbished store at Port Elizabeth, Bequia

LIME opens  newly refurbished  store at Port  Elizabeth, Bequia


LIME opened its refurbished retail store in Port Elizabeth, Bequia, on Holy Thursday, April 5, to kick start the fun packed Easter week end celebrations.{{more}} The premiere telecommunications provider first opened its customer service office on the largest Grenadine Island in the early 90s under its parent company Cable and Wireless. Twenty years later, customers can shop and conduct business in an environment experienced in metropolitan countries.

The opening ceremony was attended by several dignitaries from Bequia; notably present were Dr Loraine Friday, Parliamentary representative for the Northern Grenadines, and Herman Belmar, Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs. The event was blessed by Bishop Devon Ollivierre of the Bequia Spiritual Baptist Church. The ribbon was cut by the longest serving customer Arlene King. King first received her fixed line connection in 1979 and has received impeccable service since then.

“I love my LIME, it sweet and I Iove it”. Those were the sentiments expressed by King as she delivered a speech to express her experience with the telecommunication provider. “Cable and Wireless, now LIME, has never given me any reason to leave them. The workers here are very friendly, and as soon as I report a problem it is attended to”, said King.

General Manager Leslie Jack recounted his relationship with Bequia and revealed that his grandfather is from Bequia and he is a Canouan man.

“We were not as swift to improve accommodations in the Grenadines because of capital constraints, but we are in the process of re-prioritizing. We will be remodeling the stores in Canouan and Union Island because we have to give our customers a better shopping experience. We are in the retail business, so we have to make our accommodations more appealing and comfortable for our colleagues and customers”, said Jack.

Special mention must be made of Nikala Williams, Ashley “BT” Marksman and the Bequia team for their contribution in making the refurbishing of the store a huge success.