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It’s more difficult for female artistes in the Music industry

It’s more difficult for female artistes in the Music industry


Kahalia “Queen B” Beache is of the view that there is too much “butt kissing” in the local music industry.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT about her musical experience since entering the calypso arena in 1999, Queen B claims that some artistes do not receive fair treatment as regards the playing of their music.

“To be quite honest, you have to kiss a lot of butt to reach somewhere in St. Vincent.

“You have to know all the right people and hope the right people like you, because people play your music not because it sounds good, but because they like you as a person or what you are perceived to be,” Beache further stated.

She also asserted that it is more difficult for female artistes to move forward because of the discrimination against women that still exists in the Vincentian community.

“In St. Vincent, especially for women, you have to subject yourself to so many things in order to be somewhat famous. If do not show off too much skin or if you are not sexually out there, then nobody gives you the time of day,” she added.

According to Queen B, favoritism of artistes by some of the country’s music producers as well local radio stations, also plays a part in the stifling the careers of some artistes here.

“There are some people here who want to give the impression that they are doing something for local artistes, but when you look at it, they are only doing something for certain artistes,” she added.

The artiste said she is hurt by what she has witnessed during her time as an artiste, but nevertheless she is determined to push on with her career as a calypsonian.

Queen B started singing calypso professionally at age 19 in 1999, and since then, has several accomplishments under her belt.

She placed as high as second position in the female calypso competition with her renditions, “These situations” and “Bitch”.

However, 2011 was deemed to be one of the best years for Queen B, after taking a four year leave from competition. Her come back song, “Protest for that” earned her a 4th spot in the National Caylpso Monarch competition and heavy rotation on the airwaves.

Tight lipped about what’s in store for calypso fans, Queen B only revealed that most of her songs will celebrate women.

“There are so many things that transpired last year, so there is a lot that one can sing about. However, this year most of my calypsos will also touch on celebrating women,” Queen B disclosed.(AA)