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ISCCF hosts five-day Easter camp for secondary school Christians

ISCCF hosts five-day Easter camp for secondary school Christians


For the next four days, over 60 young people will assemble at the Bishop’s College in Kingstown as part of a five-day Easter camp, which has as its objective to strengthen the young people’s bond with God.{{more}}

The camp, which began yesterday, Monday, March 26, is being held by the Inter-Schools and Colleges Christian Fellowship (ISCCF).

The ISCCF is part of the Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship (ISCF) or Inter-Scholastic Christian Fellowship which is an international Christian youth ministry that works with high school students.

ISCF also exists around the Caribbean and in other countries worldwide including Canada, the United States of America, the Philippines, Indonesia and India.

Christopher Cumberbatch, Chairman of the Inter-Schools and Colleges Christian Fellowship here, explained to SEARCHLIGHT that the camp is held only during the day, and caters for born-again secondary school students from form one to four.

“This camp caters for those students that are born again and are serious Christians and needed extra training so that they can go back into the schools and make an impact on the lives of the other students,” he said.

He added that another objective of the camp is to saturate the country with Christian students which in turn may result in the change of behaviour among young people.

Cumberbatch said that the ISCCF recognizes that many students are distracted by what is happening in the world today and is of the opinion that Christian fellowship is the alternative.

With regard to the turnout, Cumberbatch said that originally, they had catered for sixty students. He, however, said that they are pleased with the response that they’ve received.

“We have just above sixty, because we prayed and we asked the Lord to send the right people…”

The camp is free of charge to the students and Cumberbatch expressed gratitude to all those who assisted with the resources required to ensure that the camp became a reality.

Meanwhile, Parrot Sahayam, who journeyed all the way from India to assist in coordinating some of the day-to-day activities at the camp, described it as “very unique because it offers Christian life coaching.

“The aim is to make these little lights (students) shine for God. To be good citizens of the world and to become good leaders of the country…”

The participants expressed excitement about the camp, saying it offers them an opportunity to become better Christians, as well as strengthening their faith in God.

During the camp, they will explore the Bible, learn how to pray and fellowship with each other.

The students will also be visited by some of the nation’s well known religious leaders such as Pastor Alister Blake, Pastor Nolan Nathan, Pastor Collin Smith and Pastor Carmalie Daniel.

The camp ends on Friday and according to Cumberbatch, plans are in place to host more camps, with the next one being in August.(AA)