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SVG Integration of Technology in Education officially launched

SVG Integration of Technology in Education officially launched


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Committee for the Integration of Technology in Education (SVG CITE) has been officially launched.{{more}}

The launch of the organization took place at the Peace Memorial Hall on Monday, March 19, under the theme “ICT now, for the future”

The group was formed in 2011 and comprises Teachers, Principals and Education Officers. Collectively, the team has over 500 years of teaching experience.

Speaking at the launch on Monday, Semonique Harry, president of the organization, said that the group’s primary aim is “To join forces with the Ministry of Education to establish a systematic approach which supports ICT integration.”

Also speaking at the ceremony was Education Officer with responsibility for Information Technology, Channyatt Ramsamooj. Ramsamooj, also a part of the group, said: “We must embrace technology since it has become the main bridge to life-long learning”.

Dr Jerrol Thompson, Advisor to the Prime Minister on ICT matters and guest speaker at the event, highlighted a number of the activities that have been taking place nationwide in the area of ICT. He emphasized the pivotal role that ICTs play in Education and he considers the launch of such an organization a very important event.

Also stressing the importance of ICT integration in Education, Education Minister Girlyn Miguel said that the ICT Integration in Education project is much more important that politics. Minister Miguel said: “There is no place for partisanship of any form when it comes to educating our children and building our nation”.