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Prisoner running a racket from behind bars?


It appears that a fraud racket is being run from behind the walls of Her Majesty’s Prisons.{{more}}

A usually reliable source has confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that a well-known prisoner is being investigated in relation to using a cellular phone to carry out acts of fraud.

It is alleged that the prisoner, using an alias, called several business places and individuals around the country, posing as a businessman, and carried out several transactions resulting in the receipt of items.

It is also alleged that the prisoner had a female accomplice on the outside who collected the items from business places and persons.

SEARCHLIGHT also understands that some of the items which were acquired in the alleged scheme have since been recovered and are in police custody.

It is also understood that a woman was recently picked up and charged with unlawful possession, but that charge was later withdrawn.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the alleged scheme, which apparently has been running for some time, is being investigated by police.