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Bickles Introduces Chai Tea and Limited Edition Cupcakes


“A better way to start your day, is how we describe our new product, Chai Tea,” says Marketing Assistant, Kensly Deane.{{more}}

A release from Bickles said Chai Tea is a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs that promotes overall good health for the body.

“The herbs and spices increase awareness and vitality while calming your mind. Chai is also low in caffeine and contains antioxidants which help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It is served in vanilla and decadent spice flavors, simply exceptional,” the release said.

“As a locally owned and operated quick service restaurant, our aim is to provide quality products to our people with international standards. Chai Tea takes your breakfast experience at Bickles to a whole new level by providing that state of mind to get through a tough day. Chai is served throughout the day. Anytime you need that pick me up or just to enjoy that soothing and delicious experience,” the release said.

The restaurant has also introduced character cupcakes, which they are inviting consumers to collect – Disney Princess, Cars 2, Transformers and Pretty Butterflies.