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EG. Lynch makes appeal for help

EG. Lynch makes appeal for help


Controversial radio talk show host Elwardo ‘E.G’ Lynch is making a public appeal for help.{{more}}

But while it appears that he is more subdued these days, do not count him out just yet.

What the public is seeing now, which some may say is a big contrast to the 11 years he has spent on local talk radio, is just another part of his personality, he says.

“You would hear me being aggressive on radio, but that is just another part of me when I’m on radio,” Lynch told SEARCHLIGHT.

“When I’m off the radio, you don’t expect me to be like that,” he said, adding that on the radio, he has a duty to perform and he has to adopt a certain persona.

“So what is happening to me now…, I’m not on the radio to make fun of anybody, or make fun of myself, which I normally do, so it seems as it is a different Lynch, but it’s not a different Lynch,” he continued.

According to Lynch, the position he now finds himself in calls for him to be “calm and collective.”

Both eyes he says are damaged, but the left eye is worse than the right.

He is now looking to seek medical attention in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada, after he said the doctors in Barbados have “reached a stone wall.”

“We have to jump over, and in jumping over it, seems that we have to go to another foreign country,” he explained.

He said that he has made multiple trips to Barbados and has already received treatment, including having cataracts removed, all of which he has paid for out of his own pocket.

“I’m not a rich man. I’m a talkative man who loves to give jokes,” he said with a grin.

Nevertheless, he says that he remains very optimistic that he will make a full recovery.

According to Lynch, the doctors that he has seen have all assured him that his sight could be restored.

“So I go on the words of the professionals.”

As for a return to radio talk show? Lynch told SEARCHLIGHT that as long as he recovers fully, he believes that he will return to radio.

“I cannot speculate when, because I can only go back when my health allows me to,” he said.

But he says that he has been, and will continue from time to time to make cameo appearances on various talk shows.

He refuted rumours that the New Democratic Party (NDP) had fired him or that he had his driving privileges revoked.

According to Lynch, he still receives a stipend from the NDP and voluntarily returned the vehicle he drove, because of his deteriorating eye sight.

For now, he is focusing on his health and recovering.

He has since started an appeal at the Bank of Nova Scotia and is making an appeal to persons to give whatever they can, so that he will be able to receive medical attention abroad.

Lynch said that he is looking to leave St. Vincent by the middle of next month, maybe sooner, but that all depends on the generosity of the general public.

In the mean time, he expressed his gratitude to those who already made contributions and those who he said have been there to support him.

One such person he said was the Leader of the Opposition, Arnhim Eustace, among others.

Persons wishing to make a donation to the fund may do so at the Bank of Nova Scotia, account number 5059179.