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Lower Questelles woman sets the record straight

Lower Questelles woman sets the record straight


Another female has stepped forward to set the record straight in relation to her HIV status.{{more}}

Genella Andrews, a 39-year-old resident of Lower Questelles told SEARCHLIGHT that, since 1995, persons have been harassing her and falsely accusing her of having HIV and spreading it.

“I just want them to stop pointing fingers at me and saying I have the disease. I know within myself I do not have no disease and it seems the only way to get people from stop calling your name with these rumours is to make your results public for them to see…”

She explained that the rumours started when a man told another person that he saw Andrews with another individual, who, according to Andrews, died from the AIDS.

“The person met me and told me the individual who started the rumour said they saw me with [name of man given] at Lowmans Bay and he had AIDS. I didn’t even know this guy.

“I’ve been to the hospital on many occasions since they started spreading the rumours and I’ve had two children since.

“All the medical tests I did in the past showed negative and I did one today again to make sure and prove again that I am not HIV positive,” the frustrated mother of two said.

Andrews says her two daughters, ages 16 and 11 have been fully supportive of her and are coping with the rumours in a calm manner because “they know the rumours are not true.”

Unemployed, Andrews explained that she helps a lady sell fish at the Fish Market and even there, she is faced with the “disgraceful rumour.”

“I remember one time a lady came in the fish market and saw me and asking the others if is in here I come to spread the disease. These accusations are very hurtful,” she added.

The Questelles resident says the situation has impacted on her health and, on two occasions, she had to be admitted to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for high blood pressure.

“The doctors keep asking me what’s bothering me and I keep saying nothing, but I can’t take it no more. I need people to know the truth and stop calling my name because I know myself and I have the papers to show that I am HIV negative.”

Andrews is the second female within a week to visit SEARCHLIGHT, to publicise their HIV status.

In last Friday’s edition of SEARCHLIGHT, auxiliary police officer, Tricia Patterson reported the same problem of persons spreading rumours that she has the HIV virus.