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Ballantynes saddened by loss of Smitty

Ballantynes saddened by loss of Smitty


Sonithie Ballantyne will surely be missed by his household.

The main breadwinner was the life of the family and was said to be just as lively and energetic at the E.T Joshua Airport, where he was employed as a male attendant.{{more}}

Hours before he died, he had hung out the laundry of his almost two month old baby boy, kissed him on his forehead and left his Sandy Bay home for work.

Later that day, his parents and girlfriend of two years were told that ‘Smitty’, as he affectionately known, had been involved in an accident.

They arrived at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital shortly before he died from his injuries.

Speaking to his parents at their home in Sandy Bay, SEARCHLIGHT was told by Smitty’s mother Princess that she was extremely saddened by her son’s passing.

She stated that she was at her mother’s home when her father told her that Smitty was in an accident and had died.

“We went Argyle and they say he was not there and then we went hospital.

“We talk to the doctor and the doctor tell us that he not going to make it.”

Princess disclosed that she herself had to be treated for her high blood pressure before returning home.

“I really, really sad because he was the only one who was helping out in the home,” she lamented.

“He was a good boy, always smiling with people. Everybody cry when they hear this thing about Smitty.”

Ballantyne’s father Dalwin indicated that he was puzzled as to what led the van to overturn and ultimately claim the life of the third of their five children.

“If the driver was taking his time, my son woulda been here right now,” he said.

“If he was taking his time, and even if the tire blow out, some little thing woulda tek place, but not like what I see there at Argyle.”

Ballantyne leaves behind three children: ten-year-old Tadica, eight-year-old Nerissa and seven-week-old Smithron.

He will be buried tomorrow.