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LIAT Introduces new Summer Schedule



ANTIGUA, Coolidge – This summer, LIAT, THE Caribbean Airline, is offering its passengers additional opportunities to travel between Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Kitts.{{more}} With this new flight schedule, passengers can now fly non-stop from San Juan to St. Maarten and from St. Kitts to San Juan; direct flights are now available from St. Maarten to San Juan and from San Juan to St. Kitts. Marketing Manager Derrick Frederick stated that the new schedule will offer greater flexibility to travellers for shopping and travelling during the summer.

This schedule change came into effect on July 3rd and LIAT is very excited about the addition of new routes and the opportunity to provide travellers with shorter connections. Previously, travellers from St. Maarten and Puerto Rico had no direct flight connecting the two territories and passengers in Puerto Rico and St. Kitts would have to travel to the Antigua hub to connect with each other.

LIAT is currently running publicity campaigns in the three destinations to increase awareness and encourage summer travel. Listeners can call chosen local radio stations to win a trip for two to San Juan, St. Kitts or St. Maarten, depending on the country of origin.

LIAT encourages passengers interested in booking flights on the new routes to contact the LIAT Reservations toll free at 1-888-844-LIAT (5428) or visit