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JP to ‘Flow’ this September

JP to ‘Flow’ this September


by J. Soso-Vincent 18.JULY.08

Twenty three-year-old Jason ‘JP’ Providence is a Christian – a Christian who wants to share his faith through the medium of music.{{more}}

The Old Montrose resident speaks with a confidence and assurance that belies his age, and only comes with self-realisation and a clear picture of what one wants to do with his/her life. JP knows exactly what his life goal is: to successfully spread the Gospel to young people of the world through songs inspired by God. And with the release of his album ‘Flow’ in late September in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, he will be well on his way to achieving that.

Having coined his music as ‘Prodigos’, JP explained that he came up with the name from the Bible story of ‘The Prodigal Son’. “It’s Dancehall and Reggae coming back to the Christian community!” He describes his style as a mixture of Reggae, Jazz, R&B and Dancehall. “I always look to be original, not just following other people.”

With a solid team behind him, JP’s tracks were produced in several Caribbean islands; however, his main producer is David Graham, of Barbados. He also has connections in Toronto, Canada, where the tracks were mastered. Despite its late release in SVG, the album has already been released in Canada and will be released in Barbados next month. Prior to the album’s release in Canada, JP had been touring the country for about six months.

Of the 200 album copies pressed, he managed to sell an impressive 135, and is hoping for even more success in Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For his Vincentian launch, he is determined to bring a well-known artiste to support his act, but needs time to acquire the funding.

Baptised in 1998, JP began singing in the Open Bible Standard Church Choir at age 12. He began performing in a group, Soldiers Of The Cross (SOTC), at many concerts throughout SVG. With SOTC, he has participated in Gospel Fest over the years and has, to date, won 13 medals (9 gold) for song writing and ministering with original songs. More recently, he won a Merlin award, in the Bahamas, for Best New Artiste and the title track ‘Flow’ is doing well in its genre – featuring in music charts in Florida and Toronto for the past few months. Currently the album is being promoted in Jamaica, Canada, North America and certain African states.

JP has performed with artistes such as Stitchie, Papa San, Sherwin Gardner, Chevelle Franklyn and Mr. Lynx. A few of his tracks can be sampled at

This young producer, song-writer, composer and musician not only wants to see music returned to its rightful owner, God, but also wants to encourage the youth to be strong in the Lord. And he is determined that his music should help to facilitate that.