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Commissioner: Bomb threat call came from within hospital

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has disclosed that the bomb threat made to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on March 6, 2008 may have come from within the hospital itself.{{more}}

Miller made this disclosure at a brief media conference on Wednesday at the Police conference room.

COP Miller told journalists that extensive investigations are still being carried out into the matter to ascertain who made the call. He said that they are in the process of profiling the call, which takes a lengthy period.

The Commissioner said that the call was made from a line within the hospital and that made it difficult to trace, since it was not an incoming call. Miller said all incoming calls to the hospital are kept and recorded in a directory, but calls made from within are not stored.

Miller said that there is definite need for cameras to be installed around the hospital. He also said other measures to prevent another threat have already been put into place since the last incident.

The day of the bomb threat saw pregnant women, babies, and other patients being whisked away to nearby Victoria Park and other health institutions for their safety.

No arrest has yet been made.