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College student is budding Fashion Designer

College student is budding Fashion Designer


Jeremy Payne comes off as an easy-going, soft-spoken 17-year-old, but underneath his nonchalant demeanor, lies a fiery young fashion designer who has a throbbing flair for the fashion industry.{{more}}

Payne, a first year Business and Art and Design student at the St Vincent Community College, who had his clothing line “Sea Me” grace the runway at Carnival Catwalk 3, never envisioned in his wildest dreams that he would have the opportunity to showcase his work on such a large scale.

Most persons start off on the small stage, but Payne jumped right into the big league and went head to head with other fashion designers from around the region.

A resident of Kelbourney, Payne said he has always been into fashion designing but for some reason kept it under wraps. “I knew I loved fashion from ever since, but I just did not take it seriously,” he said. Payne told SEARCHLIGHT that fashion just grew on him and that he likes to see people expressing themselves through what they wear.

The whole concept of the “Sea Me” collection, he said, was inspired by the ocean, Mother Nature and life on a whole. Having now been catapulted into the realm of a young Vincentian fashion mogul, Payne said he has gained a wealth of knowledge from his experience at Mije’s Carnival Catwalk.

The well-spoken lad stated he had several ups and down during the time leading up to the show. He confessed that he felt like giving up at one point, but his passion drove him to the extreme and he just placed his shoulders to the wheel and got the job done. Payne stated that the audience’s warm reception of his collection gave him a feeling of accomplishment that only fueled his thirst for more. “I have so much more to offer once I get the opportunity to showcase my talent,” he related. Although fashion tops the list of his career choices, Jeremy still wants to explore other career options in the future. He urged youngsters to keep focused and work hard towards their goals in life.

An avid Techno music lover, Payne said he has a passion for cooking and works on weekends at the Grandview Grill, which sponsored his appearance in the show. Payne thanked them for all their support and encouragement throughout his journey.