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Chief commends police force for a job well done

Chief commends police force for a job well done


A very successful Carnival!

That was how Commissioner of Police Keith Miller described Vincy Mas 2008 at a brief press conference on Wednesday at the Police Headquarters conference room.

With an ear-to-ear grin, Commissioner Miller held his head high and commended his men for the excellent job done over the Carnival season.{{more}}

COP Miller told the gathering that an immense amount of planning went into Carnival and those plans were executed with very few hiccups. The focus was, however, not entirely on the police force, as he also complimented the Vincentian public for their conduct. “I think that the public’s behaviour was exemplary, and because of that, it made our work as police officers much lighter,” he stated. Miller added that the heavy presence of police patrolling the streets also served as a deterrent to criminals.

Mention was also made of the effectiveness of the no-bottle policy, which in Miller’s estimation helped in the reduction in crime and violence.

As a reward for the long hours and strenuous work hours, Miller said that he would be rewarding his men with a few days off from work.

The top COP related that there was a drastic decline in the number of pick pocketing offences during the season, with only four being reported. He said that there were only minor disputes among persons, but nothing got out of hand, as policemen were attached to almost every area in packed Kingstown.

Miller mentioned that they would be going back to the drawing board soon to improve their tactics and be more effective.