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US$12,000 for Fancy Youth Path

US$12,000 for Fancy Youth Path



Come July, the Fancy chapter of the Youth Poverty Alleviation through Tourism and Heritage (Youth Path) will be better able to carry out their programmes.

They have been promised US$12,000 from UNESCO (Untied Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Last Thursday June 19th 2008 the North Windward Tourism Association Fancy Chapter received a visit from Director of the UNESCO office of the Caribbean Dr Kwane Boafo and officials from the Ministry of Tourism.{{more}}

The delegation, which gathered at the Fancy Government School for a ceremony, was treated to a number of well-received cultural presentations by the students.

Dr Kwane Boafo, in his brief address, stated that the Youth
Path programme has been implemented in 14 countries in the Caribbean.
He said the aim of the programme is to enhance the “Skills, knowledge
and abilities to develop and maintain the heritage that you have”. Boafo
told the group to continue their present activity and expressed the hope
that they will develop more activities.

Area representative Montgomery Daniel said that agriculture has always been the main economic activity of the community. But with the modern trend to Tourism, the Fancy Youth Path is now “getting involved in tourism as a product”. He said that he hopes they would develop the various sites in the community and make them into “great tourism attractions”. Daniel stated that UNESCO is making a generous offer to the community of Fancy, which will help to reduce poverty in the community and “improve on your economic and social returns”.

Felicia Alexander, Co-ordinator of the UNESCO project said that the

donation will go a long way in “developing and promoting employment

opportunities for young people in the community of Fancy”.

The Youth Path is a project that aims to provide young persons in poor Caribbean communities between the ages of 12 and 25 with skills for employment in the area of Community Heritage Tourism while preserving their natural and cultural heritage.

After the energetic performances the delegation sat down to enjoy a sumptuous variety of indigenous food prepared by the group.(VM)