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DHL launches new campaign



DHL Express launched a new campaign recently to drive growth for DHL Import Express Worldwide, a door-to-door import service solution aimed at simplifying the importing process for its millions of customers. IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE offers an all inclusive package that combines speed, reliability and service.{{more}}

DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is an import service solution that simplifies all import procedures and offers customers a one-stop-shopping solution that manages everything from the logistics and process of an import order to customs clearance. It is the ideal solution for the precision manufacturing, automotive and media industries, among others.

“Speed, reliability, security and simplicity are essential characteristics for every importer, regardless of their size and product,” stated Jaime Hooker, Vice President of Caribbean, DHL Express . “DHL believes that all customers are equal, regardless of their capacity and budget. Therefore, through our “We make importing simple” campaign, we want to communicate that we provide the same level of service and attention that is expected from us to customers across all sectors.”

With DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE, St. Vincent customers can now enjoy the benefits of a complete system of solutions, from the collection of import documentation and non-document shipments from anywhere in the world, to tracking and tracing for delivery confirmation. Available from more than 220 countries, DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is a hassle-free solution that offers the same level of service, attention and quality customers have to come expect from DHL Express.

That level of customer service is exemplified in many ways, including DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE’s dedicated customer service centre where importers have access to a group of local experts with extensive knowledge on the topic of importing processes and customs.

“The Caribbean has always been a region with enormous economic potential as it imports twice as much as it exports. DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is our fastest growing product because customers from over 220 countries enjoy the simplicity and control of one point of contact, one fixed price, and one invoice in their local

currency for all their door-to-door import requirements. New features of this service will help the region achieve its economic potential by providing a simple, easy, and hassle free way of importing and doing business with the world,” says Steve Garside, Commercial Director, DHL Express Caribbean.