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COP: Mobile Unit was not effective

COP: Mobile Unit was not effective


Just about one year after it was placed in Paul’s Avenue, following a series of shootings in the area, the Police Mobile Unit that was placed in the heart of the community has been removed and replaced by mobile patrols.

Considered a better option than the stationary unit, Commissioner of Police Keith Miller said the mobile patrols help the police to cover more ground in a shorter space of time.{{more}}

With mobile patrols, the Commissioner added, the police can also cover other communities, including Rose Place, Lowmans Hill and Redemption Sharpes.

Miller blamed the ineffectiveness of the mobile station on the lack of manpower.

It would usually take a minimum of four officers to effectively operate the station; but due to operational calls, most times there were only two officers at the post.

During its presence there, there had been other shootings and crime in the area, as well as two gun related murders.

According to Miller, the removal of the Unit from the community does not mean that the community has been abandoned.

However, one resident of the area believes that the presence or absence of the Mobile Unit makes no difference to the community.

The vocal resident said that Paul’s Avenue is no different than a number of other communities that are being affected by crime and violence.

While he applauds the patrols through the area, he believes the attitude of the officers needs to be checked.

According to the resident, a more professional police force working with the community is better than any patrol or stationary unit.