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Taiwanese donate 20 wheelchairs

Taiwanese donate 20 wheelchairs


Newly appointed Taiwanese Ambassador Leo Lee has donated 20 wheelchairs to the Ministry of National Mobilisation and Social Development.

The Ambassador made the donation on Friday, June 16th, on behalf of the government of Taiwan. There to receive the donation was Permanent Secretary (ag) Rosita Snagg, who was standing in for Minister Mike Browne.{{more}}

Ambassador Lee was particularly proud of this donation because disabled Taiwanese citizens manufactured the wheelchairs. Lee explained that despite the Taiwanese Embassy having donated 100 wheelchairs to the Ministry of National Mobilisation and Social Development in 2006, this current donation was of greater significance because the previous batch had been mass-produced in a factory.

Snagg expressed how impressed she was by the fact that disabled persons had produced these wheelchairs, and declared that the Ministry was, “…very happy to receive this donation.” Snagg related that there have been many requests for wheelchairs recently from the elderly and disabled persons, so this donation was quite timely. She thanked Ambassador Lee and the Embassy, and further stated: “We look forward to your continued kind relationship with St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Also present was First Secretary Nicole Su. (JSV)