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Camilla disappointed with fourth place, but makes school proud

Camilla disappointed with fourth place, but makes school proud


Beneath a quiet disposition lurks a fiercely competitive nature. Eleven-year-old Camilla Neptune, despite gaining fourth place over all and second among girls in the recent Common Entrance Examination, said that she is somewhat disappointed that she didn’t take the top spot.{{more}}

The Questelles Government School student credits her success to her teachers, her mother Evelyn Neptune and her brother Cornelius, a second former at the St. Vincent Grammar School, who she said showed her the ropes.

Her favourite subject is Mathematics, in which she received a perfect score. Her other scores are 90.91 per cent and 91.67 per cent for English and General Paper, respectively. Her advice to other students is “Work hard and don’t give up, you will succeed”. Camila wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up, because she is persuaded “It is a prestigious career and I love children”.

With her proud mother beaming by her side, Camilla said that when she called her father, who is in Trinidad, to tell him the good news, he was speechless. “Yes he was speechless,” she reiterated. Camilla, who will enter the Girls’ High School in September, spends her spare time on her computer, listening to her favourite Celene Dion songs and reading. Her mother said that whenever she tells

her to read a book she replies, “But mom, I’ve already read all the books in the house”.

Headteacher Sharon Morgan-Peters told SEARCHLIGHT that she was not surprised, as Camilla sets her own standards. Marcello Scott attained the second best results for the school, the 47th position overall and 26th among boys. Camilla intends to learn to play pan during the summer holidays.