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Law firm of Hughes and Cummings dissolving

Law firm of Hughes and Cummings dissolving


The law firm Hughes and Cummings is dissolving, but the longest serving partner in the firm insists that there is no bitterness among the partners as they go their separate ways.{{more}}

“We all continue with some degree of respect. What we are doing is in the best interest of all of us,” said Andrew Cummings QC, who 26 years ago, became the first partner in the 62-year-old law firm established by his mentor, the late Edward Alexander Clavier “Alex” Hughes.

Cummings told SEARCHLIGHT that while people usually look for negatives in every situation, he and his partners in the firm, attorneys Margaret Hughes-Ferrari and Grahame Bollers, worked together “in a good spirit of understanding” and said that he expected the transaction to be very smooth, and should be completed by September.

He said that like some marriages, the firm has run its course, and it was felt that “a divorce” was the best thing for all concerned.

Regarding the staff, whom Searchlight has been informed were severed at the end of May, Cummings said that they should have “very good” employment prospects.

Cummings said that while each partner will go forward on his or her own, it is still up in the air as to whether or not they will still work out of the same Egmont Street office.

As for him, Cummings, who was named a Queen’s Counsel in April, said that he is excited about the future.

“I look forward to going forward with great strength,” he said.