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College students get Governor General’s Arts Scholarships

College students get Governor General’s Arts Scholarships


Two graduates of Community College Art and Design Programme, Rose-Marie Lewis and Akley Olton, are the proud recipients of full scholarships for degree study of the Governor General Arts Scholarship, sponsored by Mustique resident Felix Dennis. Dennis is also currently sponsoring a 2003 art graduate Kamara Brackin, studying graphic design in Savannah college of Art and Design, Atlanta, USA.{{more}}

Rose-Marie Lewis, from New Montrose, will begin her studies in September 2008 at Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica. She will pursue the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education. Rose-Marie graduated from the SVG Community College in 2005 and has been employed as a teacher with St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua and Thomas Saunders Secondary.

A committed and effective teacher, Rose-Marie has a strong social conscience, reflected in her involvement in various community projects. She has painted several murals, and has discovered that “Creative Education can address all kinds of social problems, through providing a channel of expression and productive outlet for the children”.

Akley Olton graduated in 2007 from the SVG Community College with a distinction in A’level Art, and has a keen interest in business and accounts. He will be the first Vincentian student to attend UWI’s Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination at Cave Hill, UWI. Akley will pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film Making. Akley, who appears regularly on the youth radio program “The Art Room’ on Total FM, says “ the Arts have a critical role to play in social and psychological reconstruction and in the people appreciating not only themselves but also every aspect of the environment.” He sees a time when “everyone will be allowed a voice, a contribution to nation building, the result being changes even at the highest levels and creative problem solving will be demonstrated in leadership and management of the country.” He believes more emphasis should be placed on the Arts in Education, in preparing the youth for the future.

The two scholarships bring the number of Cambridge A-level Art and Design graduates who will be studying overseas to seven, three being sponsored by Dennis. Community College Art Lecturer, Vonnie Roudette, expressed deep gratitude to Dennis and His Excellency Sir Frederick Ballantyne for their combined efforts in securing funds for these

well deserving youngsters, who she believes “have

significant contributions to make to national

development through Education, Business, Arts and Culture.