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Digicel pearls for the men

Digicel pearls for the men



Although it was a Mother’s Day campaign dubbed “Diamonds and Pearls with Digicel” in which the prizes were a BlackBerry Pearl and Diamonds, two male Digicel customers were the lucky winners.{{more}}

Simeon Richards, a tradesman from Diamonds and Marlon Baynes a welder from Largo Heights were the two fortunate winners.

Richards, who has been married for 11 years said he had never given his wife diamonds before and that she will be amazed when she receives not only a necklace but matching diamond earrings. He however admitted that he would be keeping the BlackBerry phone, because he needed an upgrade from his Panasonic GD 68 handset which he purchased three days after Digicel opened their doors in this country five years ago.

The second prize winner Marlon Baynes couldn’t wait to put the exquisite tennis bracelet on his girlfriend of four years, Rosa Richards. Baynes, who admitted that he loved high tech gadgets, said he too would keeping his BlackBerry Pearl Phone but loved the expression on his girlfriend’s face as he placed the jewelry on her.

Digicel’s Marketing Manager Juno De Roche said that it was amazing that males won the Mother’s Day prizes but it was heartwarming to see them share with their female companions. De Roche thanked everyone for being part of the promotion where they had to top-up with $15 or more and be entered in the promotion and assured Digicel customers that they could “Expect More” with the “Bigger Better Network.”