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SVG marks World Red Cross Day


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Red Cross Society last Monday celebrated World Red Cross Day under the theme ‘Together for Humanity’.{{more}}

Delivering the feature address, Reverend Elton Watson, who spoke on the theme of the day said that his heart is enlarged because there are persons who volunteer their services to their fellow human beings.

Speaking at the Red Cross Headquarters in Kingstown, Watson said that today people are just about themselves, and what they can get, usually at the expense of others.

Watson said that togetherness is more dynamic than we make it out to be. He told the participants that they are making a difference in the work that they do. He pointed out that there is a “power in humanity when you work and strive together”. He continued by saying that power is beyond their imagination and the work that they do is necessary for the “advancement of any society”.

Watson noted that selfishness is one of the main things that limit our togetherness. He said that everyday we live, we must engage in helping people to realize that we do not live for ourselves. Instead we are to come together for humanity to break down those barriers and boundaries. He said that there is a need for more persons to give of their time and talents. Persons should join the “band wagon of being able to care and share for others”, he said.

The Methodist minister said that the Red Cross Society is a force that St Vincent and the Grenadines is “waiting to see unfold”.

President of the Red Cross Society Bernard Marksman commended the members of the society for keeping the flag of the Red Cross “flying as high as you possible can”. He said that despite of the pressures, constraints and difficulties that they face, his organization is always ready to band themselves together to do their service to humanity.

Marksman noted that his organization has to struggle for funds to meet the mandate of the charter set out for them. Despite this, the president said they are not daunted because “We have the help of our members and God’s guidance”.

Meanwhile Howie Prince, Director of National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said that his organization will be reassessing the subvention that government gives to the Red Cross, with a view to make it better than what it was before. Prince said the organization has an economic value attached to what they do. “Imagine the suffering that would have occurred if you had to pay for voluntary work,” he said.

He noted that members have an obligation to keep the Red Cross alive by extending and bringing in more people in the fold. He explained that NEMO and the Red Cross have a partnership that involves collaboration in training and development. He continued by saying that with every disaster experienced by this country, the Red Cross has been at NEMO’s side.(VM)