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Sir Louis addresses Emmanuel’s 45th Anniversary Service

Sir Louis addresses Emmanuel’s 45th Anniversary Service


Students of the Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia have been challenged to stay away from gangs and crime and to uphold the name of the School.{{more}}

This challenge has come from Acting Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker. Sir Louis was at the time addressing parents, principal, staff and students past and present at a church service at Hebron Gospel Chapel, Mesopotamia, in celebration of the school’s 45th anniversary.

The Acting Prime Minister, himself a product of the Emmanuel School, lavished praises on founder Dr. JP Eustace, calling him a visionary.

Although the young people may not be able to fully appreciate the level and ease of the life and education they now enjoy, Sir Louis informed them of the many struggles that made it possible for them to do so.

Commenting on the School’s motto “Nissi Emmanuel Frustra”, meaning “Unless God is with us, all is vain,” Sir Louis said Dr. Eustace seems to have instituted what is necessary for today. That is, “an education with the aim of a harmonious development of body mind and soul” Sir Louis said.

The Acting Prime Minister encouraged the students to make God the centre of everything they do. “Howsoever much you acquire education, without the knowledge of God, whatever is gathered will only be technical facts. Unless there is the harmonious development of body, mind and soul then you are not totally educated” Sir Louis said.

Minister of Education the Hon. Girlyn Miguel, Past Teacher of the School Attorney Theodore Browne and other past students made remarks at the Emmanuel High School’s 45th Anniversary Service.