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Calliaqua Anglican leading Revolution

Calliaqua Anglican leading Revolution


The Calliaqua Anglican School is leading the way in the Wellness Revolution. Last week, the school hosted a week of activities to promote health and fitness as initiated by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and now highly endorsed by the Ministry of Education.{{more}}

The week’s programme was planned and coordinated by a committee of the teachers which included Yvette Bowen, headteacher, and Anna Barnwell-Primus, senior teacher and Literacy coordinator. The programme ran from Monday, April 28th, to Friday, May 2nd.

On Monday, the focus was on Spiritual Wellness, where God was acknowledged as the giver of life and all good gifts, including health and strength and a sound mind. Pastor Smith of the Christian Life Ministries Church in Glen brought alive the parable of the prodigal son and illustrated the fact that spiritual wellness is really the relationship one has with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Throughout the day, the sound of the gospel songs could be heard and at exactly 11:30a.m. all work ceased and open prayers were offered on behalf of parents, teachers and pupils.

On Tuesday 29th, the focus was on the Mental and Emotional wellness, and this was highlighted by Dr. Amrie Morris-Patterson who is attached to the Mental Hospital, Glen. She delivered a simple but clear talk to all present that morning, explaining how we can be mentally healthy, using the acrostic H-A-P-P-Y. Dr. Patterson stressed that even children have to express their emotions, and that they do not need to hide these nor their problems, but rather children should talk about their problems, fears etc. and stay positive and realize how special they all are.

On Wednesday, April 30th, the emphasis was on Environmental Wellness, and all the pupils and their teachers actively participated in a clean-up campaign, decorating, re-arranging and making their classrooms and school surroundings environmentally friendly. During the afternoon, classrooms were judged for the most environmentally friendly classroom and the Grade One (1) Samuel was the overall winner.

On Wednesday afternoon, the school’s auditorium became a physical fitness gym as the entire school population moved their arms and legs as they followed agile and fit coaches like teachers Questelles-Lowman and Barnwell-Primus. Staff and students flexed their muscles and perspired profusely in a workout for about one hour. That was an exercise that should be repeated.

Nutritionist Carolyn Nedd also spoke to the school population about the importance of eating healthy foods. She also encouraged the students and teachers to use less salt and sugars in their diet.

The public holiday for Labour Day on May 1st did not stop the wellness programme of the Calliaqua Anglican School, for at about 8:15 a.m. that morning a crowd of over 150 were seen at Belvedere Gap waiting to begin the Wellness Fitness walk.

Parents, grand parents, teachers, pupils (present and past), siblings, friends and well-wishers walked from Belvedere Gap to Calliaqua Anglican School. The walk was so refreshingly good that numerous requests have been made to make this an annual school event.

Friday, May 2nd, was eat well day. During the day, posters, pictures, slogans and other information were on display in and around the school. Andrea John-Robin, Head of the Nutrition Unit in the Ministry of Health and the Environment, paid a visit to the school, and spent most of the afternoon lending her support to Wellness, contributing a wide range of exhibits, including brochures and pamphlets on healthy lifestyle and eating habits. In the afternoon, the climax of the week’s program, there was a fruit/ vegetable contest.

Seven dedicated and confident teachers vied for the coveted title of Madam Fruit/Vegetable. With much pomp, originality and a spirit of perfection, they graced the stage in colourful costumes and well prepared speeches to face their most appreciative audience, mainly made up of the pupils who cheered and applauded their favorite teachers. All the teachers gave outstanding accounts of themselves, so much so that no one was left dissatisfied. However, only one person could be the winner, and so Madam Potato, portrayed so elegantly by the fashionable Vervina Samuel, was judged the winner, since as the whole message of the show as “Not by the outward appearance but from the inside that matters.”

Undoubtedly, the Wellness Revolution Program conducted by the Calliaqua Anglican School was a fulfilling and educational one, and from all reports, Headteacher Yvette Bowen agrees with most persons that this should become part of the school’s curriculum and an annual event on the school’s calendar of events. She thanked the teachers, parents and the community for making the week a success.