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Cable & Wireless Managers attend Leadership training workshop

Cable & Wireless Managers attend Leadership training workshop


Awesome! Amazing! Inspiring! were some of the superlatives used by members of the Cable and Wireless senior and middle management team when they met on April 25th and 26th on a leadership training and strategic workshop. The leadership workshop was conducted on April 25th by Rev. Courtney Richards, senior lecturer at the Jamaica Theological Center.{{more}}

At that session, Rev. Richards explained the difference between leadership and management, leading change in an age of change, twelve principles of leading change and the characteristics of leader-managers. Rev. Richards’ comment “you cannot take people where you have not gone before” set the tone for the strategic workshop at the Sunset Shores Hotel on April 26th.

Members of the management staff turned up at the Sunset Shores Hotel on Saturday 26th April to formulate strategies designed to respond to the CHANGING global environment.

“There is enormous pressure on the dollar with the increases in food prices and gas prices. Our customers deserve to have an improved customer experience if we are to be the provider of choice and compete for that part of the dollar that is used for communications”, said Chief Executive Angus Steele. “We must ask ourselves, what is our vision? What is our mission? Does our mission and vision align with that of the company? We must CHANGE; it cannot be business as usual. Customers are demanding that of us”, he continued.

The focus of the workshop was on CHANGE and as Chief Executive of Cable and Wireless International John Pluthero asked the team via video conference, “what are you going to do as managers to CHANGE the culture of service delivery?” He encouraged the team to go back to their teams and empower them with the right tools and motivation that will impact the business, make it easy for the people to do a great job, drive costs down and drive value up so that OUR customers get the benefit.

The workshop saw presentations from the members of the senior management team with responsibility for customer services, marketing, fixed line, mobile, broadband, finance and human resources. Several work groups were tasked specifically with looking at the three strategic priorities of improving customer experience, market leadership in all lines of business and operational efficiences.