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Buccament Bay hosts second Career Day

Buccament Bay hosts  second Career Day


With their theme ‘the choices you make today determine your tomorrow’, the Buccament Bay Secondary School hosted their 2nd career day on Tuesday, May 6.{{more}}

The students were given the opportunity to listen to several presenters who expanded on their occupations. They included a radio announcer, a musician, a police officer and a news reporter.

Principal Paul Creese said that the career day was a means of exposing students to the various career options that are available to them. He said as educators they have a major role to play. Creese said they have to “prepare the young minds, the future of this nation, to address the realities of the future.” Creese told the students that they are studying the different subjects for a purpose: “They are the tools you need to use to secure your economic future’ he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan said that at this juncture in their education it is important for them to start to make very important decision regarding their career choices. She said in this age of technology there is a need for Information Technology specialists and other occupations in that field. She encouraged the students to look at those areas as viable career options. (VM)