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Sir James coming back?


There may or may not be truth to rumours that Sir James Mitchell has issues with the leadership of the New Democratic Party. Whatever the case is, he is not speaking. Well, not yet!{{more}}

“I will talk in due course,” Sir James said, as he described the speculations raised as “most interesting.”

It is not the first time that questions are being asked about where Sir James stands in the scheme of things with the New Democratic Party (NDP), and his absence from the 31st annual convention last Sunday has sparked fresh debate.

For the second consecutive year, Sir James was a no show at the convention of the party he founded, and persons asked why, both at the convention and on day time radio programmes the following day.

But when he spoke to SEARCHLIGHT, Sir James said he did not see what the big fuss was about.

“So what? I had a long standing invitation to visit with my Godson and his family,” Sir James explained.

He said that he also used the opportunity to visit with his former constituents in Canouan.

“I think it was most important that I went back and spent time with my old constituents,” Sir James said.

As he did in a recent in interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Sir James stressed that he was retired, and was not looking for a job.

However, there is a catch, he reminded us.

He said that if the people feel that they need him, he will consider a return to politics.

“That still remains my position,” he said.

“I am always available to help St Vincent if St Vincent needs me,” he added.

As for Arnhim Eustace, the man who was handed the reins of power by Sir James eight years ago, he is not perturbed by talks of Sir James’ dissatisfaction with the direction of the party.

Eustace told SEARCHLIGHT that he consults Sir James on various matters and values his input.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that his and Sir James’ relationship is just fine.

Sir James, 77, is the cousin of the late St Lucian leader, Sir John Compton, who at age 80 broke his nine year retirement, and returned to active politics in 2005. A year later he led his United Workers Party to a resounding victory at the polls.

Sadly, though, less than six months later, he fell ill, and died on September 07, 2007.