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Public must trust justice system

Public must trust justice system


St Lucia’s Prime Minister Stephenson King has expressed concern over the preservation of freedom and justice in the region.{{more}}

“Throughout the Caribbean region there are serious claims of erosion of these fundamental rights and freedoms,” King said, as he delivered the feature address at the 31st annual convention of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

The convention was held last Sunday at Democrat House under the theme “Restore democracy, let freedom and justice reign.”

King stressed the need for public trust in the justice system to be maintained.

He warned against political interference in the democratic systems established in the territories, saying that the fundamental rights and freedoms of people must not be eroded.

King told the packed and enthusiastic audience that the need for public trust in leadership is vital as the region, particularly the OECS, moves towards a closer union.

He said that as the people put their trust in leaders to move the integration process forward and to make decisions on their behalf, this trust must not be eroded, or even appear to be eroded in any way.

“That is why all of us must be concerned when there is anything happening that has the potential to erode the trust and confidence placed in leaders,” King said.

He was clear on his opinion that a push towards this deepening economic union is vital, if the small states in the OECS are to effectively handle the challenges, economically, and otherwise facing them.

He stressed that his call for swifter action in the deepening of the OECS integration is not an option but a necessity, and said that he is wholeheartedly committed to the realization of this deepening.

King also used the opportunity to show his support for NDP leader Arnhim Eustace and to encourage the NDP.

He told NDP supporters that they have had to endure the last seven years outside the seat of governmental authority, after their 17 years of glory, but their time will come again.

He said that while in opposition, the NDP must prepare to lead the country again; a strong viable option for the electorate to consider.

“What you need to do is to organize yourself, prepare yourself…not to be in opposition, but to prepare yourself to be in government,” King said.

Hailing Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace as a man of indisputable personal and professional integrity, King told the NDP faithful that they should treasure him, and under his leadership, prepare for when it is their time to be in government again.