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Man hit in eye with cutlass

Man hit in eye with cutlass


It was his decision not to grant his co-worker the favour of removing some boxes, but this decision has left Orando Glasgow, a worker at a bakery with one eye.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Glasgow said one of his co-workers asked him to remove some empty boxes. He said he told the worker that he is not moving any and “stewpsed” his teeth. This, is when he said, his co-worker took up a cutlass and hit him in his right eye.

Glasgow, a resident of Lowmans Leeward, said that although the incident happened two weeks ago, he is still unable to see from the eye and was told by Dr. Lopez, one of the Cuban doctors, that his sight would not return easily since one of his nerves was damaged.

“I cannot see from the eye and I don’t know if it would be a life time thing,” Glasgow stated.

Next week he is expected to remove a cataract from the injured eye to allow the doctors to make a proper assessment.

The matter has already been reported to the police and is being investigated. (SB)