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Starlift in the sky again for Panorama

Starlift in the sky again for Panorama


When it comes to Senior Panorama, you could almost write down Starlift as Panorama Champion. 2006 was no exception.

This year, the band was called Cable & Wireless Sea Operations Starlift.{{more}}

Formed in 1967, under the guidance of one of the nation’s cultural exponents Walton ‘Tanny’ Peters, Starlift has become a national cultural icon. Their motto is “men may come and men may go, but Starlift still remains.”

If there is a Panorama competition and Starlift does not win, something must have gone wrong.

Starlift produced a rendition of the song ‘D Pan Scientist,’ arranged and sung by Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts. It was another triumphant moment for Starlift with their 57-member strong outfit based in the Old Montrose area, just outside capital city Kingstown.

Their tuner is Butch Kelman and Captain Kenney Taylor, and there is no question about the commitment of the members to the continuity of the band.

Digicel Rhythmix Steel Orchestra which placed second perhaps gave them a run.

Rhythmix played Ron B’s ‘Pan in Heaven,’ arranged by Jomoro Francis. Rhythmix, a relative new comer in the world of pan, is also the winner of the award for being the most outstanding performer at the National Music Festival earlier this year. This win demonstrated the group’s versatility; the winning piece at the Music Festival in March was a flawless rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony 1st Movement.

Third place went to National Lotteries Authority Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra who played Aretha’s ‘It’s carnival.’

Sion Hill Euphonium is another institution which can boast of long life. They have been around for 25 years and have established a pattern of placing second, on most occasions to their nemesis Starlift. In fact, they have placed second on 21 occasions. Sion Hill is a 55-player band, under their captain Septimus Caine. Their piece was arranged by Tillal Webb.

Fourth place was taken by the Elite Steel Orchestra with their rendition ‘My Island,’ sung by Orande ‘Bomani’ Charles.

They were led by Tesslon ‘Taffa’ Wilson and their arranger was Wayne Commissiong. Francis ‘Pess’ Llewellyn was the Tuner.

Four bands vied for the Panorama title in the competition staged at Victoria Park. The Panorama aspect formed part of the Dimanche Gras activities which took place July 9 at Victoria Park. Dimanche Gras included the Calypso Finals and King and Queen of the Bands Contests.