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Bright day for Dragons

Bright day for Dragons


Andrew Sutherland has emerged as the 2006 Individual of the Year. He won the Individual of the Band competition with a total of 411 points. And that’s not his only award. He copped the King of the Bands title with the presentation ‘After Dark.’ Sutherland brought a feeling of pride to his band Heineken Dragons Cultural Organisation.{{more}}

Gordon ‘Tarya’ Boucher with his portrayal ‘The Tempter’ from Pepsi Melbourne Artisans placed second in the Kings of the Band competition. WE FM Singer Lynx’s Glenford Quashie placed third with his depiction Magic Warrior.

Fourth in the King of the Band showdown was David ‘Sky’ Llewellyn with his portrayal ‘Flames of Deception’ from Aunt Jobe’s High Voltage and their presentation ‘Visions of rapture.’

Others in the King of the Band Competition were Shorn Lewis from Emerald Isle Casino Wizards Mas Camp with ‘Red Bull,’ Owen Ralph of Harris Paints Owen Ralph and the Professionals with ‘Tribute to a great communicator’, and Dennis Lowman from ‘My Imagination’s’ Justice.

Tony Williams from Beautex International was also on parade as was former King of the Band Winner Garth Niles from Guinness Blondie Bird and Friends with his presentation ‘Rhythm, Colour and Fun galore.’