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Soaring to new horizons

Soaring to new horizons


Fifty-one graduates of the Bishop’s College Kingstown soared to new horizon in their lives at their 2006 graduation ceremony last Friday held at the St. George’s Cathedral under the theme, “Soaring to a new Horizon”.

Holding their heads high and feeling a sense of achievement, the students sat in their respective pews, with facial expressions of joy and eagerness as the ceremony commenced.{{more}}

Without the shadow of a doubt, the day belonged to Rottica Grant. Grant walked away with six awards for most outstanding student in subject areas of Mathematics, Human and Social Biology, Information Technology, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business and Electronic Documentation and Preparation Management. She was also named Student of the Year.

The graduates expressed their heartfelt thanks to their teachers by rendering a song, entitled “Prayer”. Tears flowed freely as students presented their favourite teachers with gifts of appreciation for hard work throughout their five years.

When it was their time to collect their certificates, you could hear sighs of relief from everyone as they were called on to accept their scrolls.

Featured speaker, Acting Senior Nursing Officer at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and past student of the school, Jacqueline King told the graduates they have the energy to soar like an eagle to new horizons. “It is an occasion which marks the transition from one stage of life to another,” remarked King.

She pointed out to the students that their journey in life in life would not always be easy: “Yes there are fears, we are all fearful at some point in our lives, you can opt for a quick fix, taking the easy way out or you can make the painstaking journey to success, to a new horizon. She added that the education they received should permanently configure their minds. In concluding her speech, King gave a sound warning to the students and told them to steer clear of those who will compromise their morals and principles. Instead, they should associate with those who support their beliefs and assist them in maintaining sound ethical principles and sound idealism.