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High standards important says Telecoms Minister

High standards important says Telecoms Minister


Telecommunications, Science, Technology and Industry Minister Dr. Jerrol Thompson is aware that Mustique has high standards. That island is one of the leading destinations when it comes to up-market tourism.

With challenges to traditional sources of revenue, tourism is a source of jobs, and Mustique is playing its role.{{more}}

Dr. Thompson is encouraging persons to continue striving for high standards.

“If we continue to attain high standards, that is the way we are going to improve our lives,” he said.

The Minister noted that 1300 persons were employed in Mustique. He encouraged all workers to sign up for courses under the Mustique Computer programme.

“Seize the opportunities offered,” he suggested.

The Minister, parliamentary representative for North Leeward, echoed his government’s thrust in education, and outlined that with the prevalence of Internet facilities worldwide, Distance Learning opportunities are widely available for anyone to advance.

Mustique is providing such services for their workers, at no cost.

Thompson complimented the programme’s originator Charles Scrase whose original stint of duty was in North Leeward. He is satisfied with its continuation, through the efforts of Natasha Joseph.

Dr. Thompson referred to $56 million obtained for the provision of Information Communication technology development. He cited ICT as a new tool, which sharpened the competitiveness of anyone who absorbed it. And some of that money would go towards ICT training. The Parliamentary representative was impressed with the 20 persons on Mustique who have passed the International Computer Drivers Licence (ICDL).

“Learning these skills will make you a better person, more confident,” Dr. Thompson pointed out.