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SVG celebrates World Breast Feeding Week

SVG celebrates World Breast Feeding Week


The female breast may be seen as a sex symbol to men, but for babies it is a source of nutritious milk. So from August 1 to 7, St. Vincent and the Grenadines teamed up with 120 other countries, to celebrate World Breast Feeding week under the theme, “Breast Feeding and Family Food.”{{more}}

Nutritionist and Chairman of the infant and young child nutrition committee, Andrea Robin said the focus this year was to help mothers see the importance of breast feeding, while introducing appropriate complementary foods to their young ones.

She explained, “After six months the baby can take in soft foods, but for those first six months breast is best. Breast feeding provides all the nutrients the infant needs for the first six months. It is uniquely made for each individual child, it cannot be duplicated. Whatever nutrient a baby needs, it is in the mother’s milk.”

Robin revealed, “We cannot explain it, it is truly one of life’s miracles. Breast milk is an active living substance that has anti bodies, so it protects the child from infection and helps him or her to grow strong and healthy.

Food companies have come close to duplicating the nutrients found in breast milk, but the milk is unique and naturally made, it is not processed. So when your baby is old enough it is critical that mothers and family members introduce them to healthy food such as fruits and ground provisions which they can digest easily. The health of any nation depends also on the wealth of a nation, and children are the wealth of the nation.”

Some of the activities to commemorate World Breast Feeding week included an exhibition under the General Post Office, addresses from various health ministry officials, training for teachers in various day care centres and the handing out of gift packages for mothers on the maternity ward.