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J’Ouvert splash!

J’Ouvert splash!


Mix body paint with a dash of revellers parading the streets in outrageous outfits in the wee hours of the morning and throw in some loud music. What do you get? J’Ouvert, of course!

This year’s J’Ouvert festivities in the wee house of Monday, July 7th, saw persons from all walks of life converging on the streets of Kingstown to party throughout the night into the sweltering morning sun.{{more}}

When the dust cleared, it was J’Ouvert Fanatics who blew away their competition to be crowned King of J’Ouvert with their presentation “Airport Checklist”. Green Hill Cultural and Sports Club had to settle for the second place position with their portrayal “VAT”, and Sharpes Massive came in third place with their presentation “House bills”.

J’Ouvert Fanatics also took the first and second positions in the Queen of J’Ouvert competition with their portrayals “Trip for Miss SVG” and “Bee Mobile”, respectively. “Shouting Labour” from the band

Green Hill Cultural and Sports Club came in third.

In the individual section, J’Ouvert Fanatics took the first, second and third place with portrayals “Crab Search”, “Witch Craft” and “Ghost in de police”, respectively. J’Ouvert Fanatics also made a clean sweep in the Couples of J’Ouvert competition with portrayals “Legal Team”, “Balance Me”, “Wine and Lick her”, respectively, in the top three positions.

J’Ouvert Fanatics also reigned supreme in the Groups competition, taking first and second place with “Re-Classification” and “Well-Nest Revolution”. In the traditional bands competition, J’Ouvert Fanatics was first, Green Hill second with Vincy Homecoming 2009 and third was Sharpes Massive with their portrayal of “On the construction site”.

Digicel’s “Red Dawn” was first in the Paint bands.