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Ten Calypsonians to battle for the crown

Ten Calypsonians to battle for the crown


Ten veteran calypsonians, including six former monarchs, will attempt to dethrone incumbent Vibrating Scakes, as the calypso finalists were selected following Fantastic Friday’s semifinal competition.

The finals will see four of the five entrants from the overseas-based Dynamites Calypso tent advancing to the next round in their attempt to become the new king of Calypso in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

The On Tour Calypso Tent, which like Dynamites boasts two former kings in the line up, will feature three artistes in Sunday’s finals.

Of the three persons named from the Graduates Tent, two are former winners.

Two reserves have also been named.

The finalists are: from The Graduates, past winners Sulle and Princess Monique, as well as seasoned veteran Black Messenger.

From On Tour are former kings Ipa and Abijah, along with Patches.

Rejector and De Man Age are the previous winners from Dynamites, with Exposer and Dennis Bowman the other two.

The reserves are Tajoe, from Graduates tent, and Struggler, from The North/ South Leeward Tent.

The winner will take home $22,000.

The calypso finals, along with the Panorama Championships and King and Queen of the bands, will be judged on Sunday.