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Young producer creating big hits in local music industry

Young producer creating big hits in local music industry


His dream is to become one of the best music producers in St.Vincent and the Grenadines and with time he hopes his expertise would go beyond the shores of this country.

Sound Domain Studio, owned and managed by Kamall Archibald of Calder, still in a stage of infancy, is now one of the leading studios in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Three years ago, Archibald started the studio, which in 2006 has attracted some of the leading artistes here. Among them: Jamesy-P, Luther, Maddzart, Shaunelle, Lennox Bowman, Lawyer Boy, Land Lord, and Aretha.

“Their songs are standing out,” said Archibald, “especially Lyndon “Lawyer Boy” George who has made an impact on Carnival 2k6”.

Archibald is confident that the songs he has produced this year are of international standard that can be played anywhere.

“I am hoping that 2007 will be greater,” the producer emphasized.

In 2005, Sound Domain gained prominence when Archibald produced “Wrong Daddy”, a track composed by Roger “Land Lord” Thompson and “Lock Me Up” by popular female vocalist Shaunelle McKenzie.

Shortly after that project the versatile musician/producer was contacted to work on Bomani’s big hit song “Ready Again”.

“Right now my achievements are more than I expected,” said an elated Archibald, while holding a recently released 22 track mixed CD dubbed “Get Down On It”, featuring several of the country’s leading vocalists.

The producer who works with almost all genres of music said his love for the art started as a boy while attending church. During these formative years he was inspired to create a gospel band called “Silk”. He also had the experience to lend his services to other gospel groups like “Voices of Victory” and the “Vision Gospel Band”.

Archibald who reads music and plays keyboards said he believes his gift comes naturally.

“While creating the tracks I hear different music in my mind but choose the one that works,” said the producer as he gave an insight into how the job is done.

He added: “There’s a lot of talent in St.Vincent and the Grenadines and it’s only a matter of time before these talents are recognized…like me. I am heading in a direction to be one of the best, so too, the young artistes can follow their dream and be among the best soca artistes.”

The producer said he is grateful to Lennox Bowman and Roger “Land Lord” Thompson for their encouragement and to all the other artistes that support him.