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Fatty Dan says thanks

Fatty Dan says thanks



Aloma ‘Fatty Dan’ Codougan thanks Prime Minister Gonsalves.

Well-known Calypsonian, Aloma Codougan, better known as “Fatty Dan” paid a visit to Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on Monday. Codougan thanked the Prime Minister for his help in procuring medical attention in Trinidad.{{more}}

Codougan was released from the St. Joseph’s Medical Centre recently after being seriously ill.

Codougan said that she is grateful to be alive and feels that God has given her a second chance at life. Because of this, she said that she does not think that she will be returning to the calypso arena.

She also said that she was well-taken care of while hospitalized in Trinidad.

Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Ralph Gonsalves said that he was pleased to see “Fatty Dan” feeling well. He also added that he would like to thank Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Patrick Manning and the staff of the St. Joseph’s Medical Centre for their assistance.

Codougan suffered from a blood clot in the legs which travelled to the heart, disintegrated and finally went to the lungs.