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My man is married. Should I let go?


Hey Rosie,

I’ve been with this married man for over four years now. He and his wife have been married for only six years. I used to be friends with the wife until she took him from me. Rosie that is why I can’t let go because I want to spite her! She knows that we are still sleeping together and in fact he and I have children the same age as theirs. People tell me that I’m stupid and degrading myself, but he was mine first. Should I let go? At this point I am happy he goes home to her because I have the best of everything.

Am I wrong

Dear Am I wrong?,

What do you think I?m going to say? YES you are VERY WRONG! You know the saying that two wrongs don’t make a right? Well you are living that life right now!

Man you have me yelling here and this isn’t good. Look, don’t you want more for yourself? Why are you holding unto this grudge? By trying to get back at her because she stole your man is simply working against you in the long run. You have become the mistress/side chick, nobody wants that for their life . This is not the type of example you would want to set for your children either.

Learn how to co-parent your children, break off this dead end relationship, continue to build your life as an independent woman and mother, then please move on to your own bright future. By staying on this hamster wheel, you are never going to improve your life and situation. You are better than this!


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