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Scared that lover’s wife will find out!


Hey Rosie,

I am a 46- year-old woman who is sleeping with a married man; I have been for the last 10 years. I am a fairly decent looking woman and don’t have a problem finding a man; this just works for me. We get together a few times a month, usually at a hotel here in New York or in Atlanta, have some fun and then return to our regular lives.{{more}}

Oh, by the way, did I mention that he is married? Yes, I said he is a married man. The problem is I am scared that one day his wife is going to catch us and then all hell is going to break lose. We all grew up together. As a matter of fact, his wife and I are friends.

My first question is: Should I be worried? Secondly, do you think I’m a home wrecker?

I would like to know what you think.

Booty Call

Dear Booty Call,

This letter has me breathing hard! Diplomacy has flown through the window here! You have lost your ever-loving mind! This is not a letter from someone who is seeking advice. This is someone who is proud, confident and happy about what she is doing!

Of course you ARE a home wrecker! You’ve made it clear that you are quite pleased and content with this arrangement. What troubles me is that you and this couple are supposedly friends! Booty Call, I hate to say that you have been playing with fire for the last 10 years and the time is ticking down for a licking!

When she finds out, and oh yes she WILL find out, you better run!!! The betrayal from both sides will be very painful and she is going to lash out! More than likely, it will be you who will feel the full brunt of her anger! I am pretty sure that she is not going to be feeling her husband as well either. However, the dynamics of couples being able to forgive one another from infidelity is complex. But let me let you know that every dog has his (in this case her) day and yours is coming!

Can you redeem yourself, recognize what you are doing is wrong and stop this behavior? Or is it the thrill of meeting under the “shadow of night” making this whole sordid experience an adrenaline rush for you? Consider this woman’s feelings for a moment and her family’s also…if she has children that is. This is so not right and I hope that you can dig deep within yourself to recognize that you are worth much more and can have your own man. Not another woman’s husband! Here is hoping that you take off those “blinders” before the beating of a lifetime happens. Don’t say you were not warned.


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