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Tarakon Records CEO lashes out at Hot FM boss

Tarakon Records CEO lashes out at  Hot FM boss


Chief executive officer (CEO) of Tarakon Records Jacqueline James-Lyttle has described one of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ premier morning talk shows as ‘trash’.

“Your radio show is becoming trash because you are acting trash,” Lyttle-James said of the AM Mayhem morning show on Hot 97.1 and proprietor of the station Luke Boyea.

James-Lyttle made these remarks late Tuesday morning at a press conference at Grenadine House, after Boyea had earlier that day asked Akene ‘Prez’ Keizer, who had called in on the morning talk show, why he had signed with Tarakon Records.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Boyea on Wednesday, he said people describe things as ‘trash’ when things are not in their favour.

“The irony in this whole thing is that on Monday…her office booked a half hour spot, which they were paying for. So, it wasn’t trash on Monday, but on Tuesday it was trash, because we said something she didn’t like,” he explained.

Boyea said the questions he asked were innocent and in no way were they an attempt to knock Tarakon Records.

He explained that on Tuesday morning, he had asked Alex Barnwell, one of the co-hosts of the AM Mayhem morning show and the producer of several of Keizer’s songs, his thoughts on Keizer signing with Tarakon Records.

He said Barnwell indicated that everything was fine and he was okay with Keizer signing with Tarakon.

“Then Prez called in and essentially threw Alex under the bus, saying that they hadn’t got anywhere in the last seven years. I then asked Prez what was the basis for him signing with Tarakon, what was it that Tarakon was offering that made it attractive to go with them. And, he essentially struggled to answer the question,” Boyea explained.

He noted that he is not aware if Keizer struggled to answer the question because he didn’t have the answers or he didn’t want to divulge any information.

“Then I asked what I thought was a legitimate question, presumably when you sign with a label part of the consideration is to look at what they have done with other artistes and to see what their track record is.”

Boyea said he then stated that he wasn’t aware of any success the label has had so far.

However, the Tarakon CEO, on Tuesday described what transpired on the radio station as “lying on people’s business.”

On a Facebook post yesterday, James-Lyttle said Tarakon’s sales numbers and deals show their success.

“Kevin Lyttle does not have to beat his own chest and does not mind being compared to other artistes because they are talented and he is secure in that he has sold over five million records worldwide and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and other accounting bodies can prove it, so he can confidently call himself the INTERNATIONAL KING OF SOCA. Seems that every time that station does a ranking or rating of stations, of artistes…of anything, it is fake. SHOW ME THE NUMBERS,” the Tarakon CEO said.

James-Lyttle also called on the station’s owner to pay licensing fees, so that artistes can receive royalties when their songs are played.

Boyea, however, retorted that no one in St Vincent pays licence fees for radio at the moment.

James-Lyttle said she and her husband come to SVG, educating and helping persons and questioned what has Boyea done for the country.

“…And, if you have nothing nice to say, you should shut up. And, if you have nothing good to bring to the table, you should shut up,” the Tarakon CEO stated.

Boyea, however, stated that while he gives back, he has no desire for anyone to know whether he gives or what he gives.

“Unlike Jacqueline, I’m not looking for any fame or any credit for doing these things. You know Jackie and them, they feel that they need everybody to know what they do.”

Boyea added that he has nothing against either Kevin or Jacqueline Lyttle; however, he doesn’t feel they should be above questioning.

“All of us are open to questioning, if we put ourselves out there in the public eye,” he explained.