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3-in-a row driver may face reckless driving charges

3-in-a row driver may face reckless driving charges


A charge of reckless driving may soon be brought against a minibus driver whose recent overtaking of two other minibuses was caught on video tape and circulated on social media.

The charge may follow investigations by the traffic department of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) into reports of three minibuses driving side by side on a two-lane road, completely blocking the oncoming lane.

The traffic incident was captured in a 16-second video which surfaced on social media on Tuesday, March 28.

The video which was uploaded to Facebook shows a passenger van on the left side of the road going up Casson Hill while two other minivans attempt to overtake it at the same time.

At one point the three public transport buses are side by side on the two-lane road with one of them completely blocking the oncoming lane.

On Wednesday, head of the traffic department Inspector Kenneth John said that the matter is currently under investigation and all the vehicles involved were inspected by the police and the drivers questioned.

Inspector John said that at least one of the drivers will be charged with dangerous driving.

He also said he will seek the permission of Commissioner of Police (COP) to suspend the licence of the person at least until the case is settled in court.

“Charges will be brought. We are gathering the evidence to make the charge,” stressed John who also noted that his officers are doing more patrols in the rural areas with specific attention on reckless driving.

Speaking on radio on Tuesday night Minister of Transport and Works Julian Francis said that minivan operators may soon find it difficult to secure insurance for their vehicles because of the many accidents involving them.