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‘Fake cop’ pleads guilty, faces sentencing today

‘Fake cop’ pleads guilty, faces sentencing today


Iso Lynch is expected to appear before the Serious Offenses Court today for sentencing, after he pleaded guilty to the impersonation of two police officers last week.

When he stood before Rechanne Browne-Matthias yesterday at the Serious Offences Court, he was charged that on February 22 at Arnos Vale {{more}}he did intend ‘to defraud Yoland Findlay of Kingstown Park by falsely presenting himself to be assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Sampson who is alive’.

He was further charged that on that same date he also intended ‘to defraud Walt Clarke of Prospect, falsely presented himself to be ASP Grant, an assistant superintendent of police in the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force,’ who is fictitious.

Police say that around 1:30 p.m. on the said date, Findlay, who is the assistant manager in charge of the building which houses the Massy Store at Arnos Vale, was in her office working. While there, Clarke informed her that Lynch stated he wanted to speak with her.

Lynch then identified himself as ACP Sampson and claimed to be working very closely with the Commissioner of Police.

He asked to rent one of Findlay’s rooms, so he could spy on a businessman who operated a business across the street. Lynch then told her that the businessman is a ‘known drugs man’ and that the police “really want to get at him.”

After this, Lynch went to Clarke’s office, where he identified himself as ASP Grant and said he wanted to use Clarke’s office to take photographs of the business place across the road.

Clarke then inquired as to why he wasn’t carrying a camera, to which Lynch replied, “There are other officers outside.”

This aroused Clarke’s suspicions and he reported the matter to the police.

However, while investigations were being carried out, Lynch walked into the Central Police Station last Friday, stating that he had heard that police were looking for him.

His lawyer, Israel Bruce, held that although his client pretended to be those officers, he did not take anything from the offices of Findlay and Clarke.

Lynch was charged with similar offences in 2014.(AS)