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Burglars hit Allan Smith Family Bakery

Burglars hit Allan Smith Family  Bakery


Burglars who made off with the payroll and jewelry from a local bakery early Sunday morning also took the recordings from security cameras, in an effort to try to cover their tracks.

According the Steve Prescott, one of the managers at Allan Smith Family Bakery at Campden Park, the burglars entered the building early Sunday morning through a side door{{more}}that is no longer used by employees.

“Well, they broke into the building between 12 Saturday night and six Sunday morning…early morning. They kick a door in, a door that we don’t use, but it is a side door. They kick it in, got into the building, then they kicked in the office door and they got access to the vault, the safe,” Prescott told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

The manager disclosed that the thieves made off with money and some jewelry which proprietor Allan Smith sometimes kept in his office.

“…Money, mainly money. The payroll and the boss has some jewelry, they took that, so mainly it is the money and jewelry,” Prescott stated.

He, however declined to give the value of the money and the jewelry stolen.

Prescott noted that the workers are still in shock and are surprised by what had taken place.

“Of course, they empathize with the boss for his loss,” Prescott added.

The manager also disclosed that the burglars also made off with the recordings from the security camera from that night.

“They removed the DVR, so even though we have cameras, they took the box with the recordings.”

Another worker, who asked not to be identified, told SEARCHLIGHT that after arriving on the scene, she observed the broken exterior door and the damaged door to the office.

“…I went around and I saw what happened, I went into the office. Apparently they probably broke in here…after midnight because we had workers [who] were here painting.

“… They went to his office, they took the camera system and whatsoever money he had in the vault. I didn’t really see anything. You could have seen where they broke in from and where they kicked off the door inside there,” she recalled.

Police are currently investigating the matter and have questioned several individuals, including the security guard who was on duty. (CM)