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Vehicle plunges down 70-foot incline, killing three

Vehicle plunges down 70-foot incline, killing three


by Adrian Codogan

The Johnson family of North Leeward was again visited by tragedy when members of three generations of the family were struck down in a vehicular accident last weekend.

George Johnson 89, his daughter Isilma Venola Ollivierre-Johnson, 65 and her son Denzil {{more}}Johnson, 22, lost their lives on Sunday evening, after the vehicle PT 505, in which they were passengers ran off the road at about 7:45 p.m., plunging down a 70-foot incline, before slamming into the road below.

The Johnsons were on their way home to Spring Village, having attended at Chateaubelair, the funeral of their relative Shardine Johnson, who was brutally hacked to death on Sunday, June 7.

Denzil Johnson

According to a police report, the motor vehicle, a Toyota Sprinter car, was being driven by Kemral Williams, a 24-year-old office attendant, when it went out of control upon reaching Coulls Hill.

The other occupant of the car was 45-year-old labourer Neville Charles.

George and Denzil Johnson reportedly died at the scene, while Isilma died at the Troumaca Health Centre. Charles received medical help and was discharged, while Kemral Williams is a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Two of the victims were thrown clear of the vehicle and the body of George, a farmer, was found about 20 feet above where the car finally came to rest.

SEARCHLIGHT visited the family at their Sharpes Village, Chateaubelair home yesterday and met the household in a state of grief and despair.

George Johnson

Robert Ollivierre said at this time, his family needs the support and effort of everyone to get through the dark period.

“Our family’s sense of security has been shattered, but I am sure that we will be more united and stronger. I was hanging with my uncle before the funeral. We got dressed the same place and I begged him to stay over in Chateaubelair, but he insisted that he was going to Spring,” a distraught Robert said.

Acting Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel visited the family yesterday and offered condolences on behalf of the Government and the Prime Minister, who is out of state. Miguel prayed with the family and offered words of comfort.

National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) head Howie Prince and Deputy Commissioner of Police Reyond Hadaway along with protocol and security officers also visited yesterday.

Zita Johnson, who lives in New York, whose father, sister and nephew perished in the accident, murmured “This is too much, too much,” before breaking down in tears.

Police say their investigation into the accident continues.

There have been seven road accidents for 2015, which have resulted in 15 deaths.