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Murder Accused: I want my own cell

Murder Accused: I want my own cell


The man who is charged with hacking Stacy Wilson to death in the Leeward Bus Terminal on December 11, 2006, is now asking for a single prison cell to be allotted to him for his own safety.{{more}}

At the start of the Criminal Assizes on Tuesday at the High Court, accused murderer Shorn Samuel told presiding Judge Gertel Thom that he needed a prison cell to himself because of the constant harassment by officers and other prisoners.

Adding to his list of demands, the lanky man who stood up at the start of the assizes and openly praised “Allah” in Arabic wanted new trial documents to be given to him, as he explained to the court that the ones he had before were torn.

Samuel also accused Lawyer Ronald Marks of threatening him. Samuel told the court that Marks told him that if he wasn’t retained as his counsel that he (Marks) would see to it that he languished in prison for three more years.

The court, however, noted that the state had provided Bayliss Fredericks as his counsel.

Samuel pleaded not guilty to Wilson’s murder and the matter was adjourned to later in the Assizes. Wilson, 21, of Vermont, was pulled from a mini-van in broad daylight and hacked to death.

Justice Thom told Samuel to be quiet after he began shouting to the top of his voice. Thom told Samuel to stop speaking on the matter and wait until the trial comes up to deal with those issues. It even got to the point where a strapping Special Services Unit (SSU) officer had to stand outside the defendant’s box.

Samuel also stated that he would not stand when the National Anthem is being played as his grandfather never did so in the past. “I am keeping with my principles, I don’t blame you. Do what you know,” Samuel said. Justice Thom firmly told Samuel that once he is a prisoner at Her Majesty’s Prison, he would have to abide by the rules there. (KW)