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Brave Kidame still under medical care

Brave Kidame still under medical care


She is just 12 years old, but Kidame Kingman has been described as brave, beautiful and bright by the medical staff at the Dartmouth Children’s Hospital (ChaD) where she has been receiving treatment for a massive tumor.

Kidame’s plight began in March 2005 when she was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and experienced constant pain. Despite several surgeries and to the dismay of her father Malachi Kingman, Kidame’s health continued to deteriorate.{{more}}

After an outpouring of love and financial support from the government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Jacob family living in the USA, Kidame was able to travel to the United States on May 12 to receive treatment at the famous medical facility.

After a CAT scan, an ultra sound and two biopsies Kidame was diagnosed with a rare and massive tumor called, “Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor.” According to medical reports, the tumor is dangerously close to Kidame’s vital organs; extending up from her stomach area into her chest and pressing on her heart, esophagus and liver.

Dartmouth physicians stressed that the tumor is causing tremendous pain, fever, difficulty swallowing and weight loss.

They hope to operate on Kidame, but believe that the risks are too great. They are currently giving her an eight-week dosage of Celebrex, a drug that will hopefully shrink the tumor.

Doctors also pointed out that although Kidame has gained five pounds, she needs to gain more to be ready for surgery.

They noted, “Since we started her medication, she tells us that she is feeling better. We’re thrilled with her progress, so far but she still has a long road ahead of her. Kidame and her family have been an inspiration to all her medical caregivers and we feel privileged to have helped care for her.”

Since March 2005 Kidame has been unable to swallow her food and has been receiving her meals from a feeding tube.

Her medical costs total US$44,986.66 so far, and her estimated on-going medical treatment will average approximately US$1000 per month. Persons wishing to make a donation towards Kidame’s treatment can make a deposit at the National Commercial Bank to account No. 126497.