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Scared unlicensed driver picks up four charges

Scared unlicensed driver picks up four charges

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AN UNLICENSED DRIVER became so panicked when he saw the police that he attempted to flee, and as a result got into an accident, but continued fleeing despite this.

A chase that started at Rillan Hill and continued to Buccament ended with 27-year-old Colin Butcher of Layou being apprehended and taken before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on four charges.

While he was taken to court on Friday, March 19, the incident in question happened on Thursday, March 18, at around 6:15pm. Butcher had been driving along the road in Rillan Hill, when he came upon the police taking measurements at an accident scene.

He was driving his jeep, plate number RQ456, and was observed by the police stopping the vehicle and starting to reverse. In reversing, the police observed that Butcher struck another vehicle and continued driving. The officers gave chase, until the jeep stopped in Buccament and the driver got out and began running. The police caught up with him and took him back to the scene of the accident where they processed it in his presence.

Butcher was accused of, being the driver of RQ456, having been involved in an accident owing to the presence of the said vehicle on the road, that he failed to stop the said vehicle. He was also charged with driving the vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public, driving without being the holder of a driving permit, and without there being a policy of insurance in force with respect to third party risk.

The defendant wasted no time admitting to the offences.

He explained that a mechanic “soulja” of his had told him to take his time and bring the jeep to him. Upon seeing the police, he said, “I get panic same time.”

Butcher maintained that the other driver drove up and slammed into him.

“Right, but the point about it is that you had no authority to be driving a vehicle…” Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett pointed out.

“…to take the chance to drive on the road of St Vincent and the Grenadines without being the holder of a driving permit, you also have to be prepared to suffer the consequences of any actions,” he told the defendant.

The prosecutor, Sergeant Renrick Cato, noted that the defendant’s actions are what would have aroused suspicion, as the police were likely immersed in processing the accident. “That’s the thing, you stopped, arouse the suspicion and started to reverse, accident bam, turn around, bam. Police must chase you,” he said.

The defendant maintained that he had stopped and then he was essentially rear ended.

He acknowlwdged being the father of three and works for a $500 wage every fortnight.

He was fined $400 for the offence of driving in a dangerous manner; $350 for driving without a policy of insurance for third party risk; and for the two other offences he was fined $250. Payments are to be made by December 17. In default, he will spend three months in prison for the offence of dangerous driving, and one month each for the other offences, to run concurrently.