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Intoxication leads Phillip Bradshaw to sleep on stranger’s porch


Philip Bradshaw was reprimanded and discharged from the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court with a stern warning from Senior Magistrate Donald Browne yesterday.{{more}}

Bradshaw was cleared of a charge of attempted burglary, after the court heard that on Saturday, around 2 a.m, the defendant, after becoming intoxicated, went to a residence in Campden Park, which was not his own.

The court heard that Bradshaw went to the front door and started knocking loudly and requesting that he be let in to go to sleep.

He was later discovered by police sleeping in the porch.

Prosecutor Inspector Glenford Gregg, however, indicated to the court that Bradshaw should have been charged with trespassing, as he was still on the property when the police arrived on the scene.

The magistrate reprimanded the man telling him to make sure that he never reappeared in his court. (DD)